November 17, 2003

Reward Offered
"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward 
from him" (Tehilim / Psalms 127:3).

According to the Scriptures, children are a reward 
from God. I don't know if we always think of them that 
way. It seems that we tend to regard children as a 
burden, a responsibility we need to bear, rather than 
a blessing.

Having children consumes our time, energy and money. 
They demand attention without respecting our time 
schedules and desire for space. Many plans have been 
thwarted by the birth or needs of a child. How then 
can they be a reward? Parents often think they should 
be rewarded because they have children, not that 
children themselves are a reward.

But children are a reward. To bear children is a 
privilege granted by God. Having children is one of 
the greatest signs of God's loving favor upon 

Every single baby boy or girl is a reminder that God 
has not given up on the human race. At the beginning 
of creation, God created us in his image and 
commissioned us to fulfill his purposes on earth. No 
matter how much we have fallen from our original 
design, the mandate has never been rescinded. Every 
human being is a new opportunity to make a difference 
for good in this world.

To be given the responsibility of a child is a call to 
cooperate with God in his purposes. The potential that 
exists in each and every human being is incredible. 
And to think that we have the opportunity to be the 
caregivers to these little gifts of God is even more 
incredible. That God has entrusted us with this task 
may be overwhelming, but when we realize children are 
a reward from God, we can also expect that God will 
provide whatever we need to fulfill his purposes for 
each and every child.

Since children are a reward from God, they are not to 
be treated just anyway we wish. It may be necessary to 
make all sorts of sacrifices to ensure that they are 
nurtured in a godly and healthy environment. Whether 
or not we are inconvenienced by these rewards is 
irrelevant. They are worth it.

Because children are as valuable as they are, it is so 
important to bring them into the world within God's 
chosen framework of a loving husband and wife. But 
whatever the circumstances, we should also do all we 
can to ensure that each and every conception is given 
every opportunity to thrive. 

If we could accept that children are the reward they 
really are, then maybe they wouldn't be avoided as 
much as they are today. So many seek bigger homes and 
bigger businesses, but not bigger families. I wonder 
how many rewards are being rejected.